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#FlannelFriday 5 Knights in Shining Armor

I was surprisingly tasked with creating a theme unit on Royalty and while the timing was short, I was thrilled with the theme! This theme goes beyond Fairy Tales which can be limiting and not particularly Toddler or Preschool friendly.

For this week I wanted to share my handsome army of Knights in Shining Armor!

Five Knights in Shining Armor
Five knights in shining armor,
Fearless and brave,
Went dragon hunting deep in a cave.
The dragon started breathing fire,
The knights’ knees were all aquiver,
So one little knight too off for the river!
(repeat counting down to zero)

The knights can be found by searching Google for ‘knights clipart’ and the rhyme was found here.

Next time I will share my multicultural princess crown matching flannel.

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Ten Tiny Caterpillars

Bill Martin Jr? Lois Ehlert? I was sold before even opening the cover but once inside I was thrilled beyond words. This sweet rhyme fosters the development of Sounds, as well as Vocabulary with the use of words such as bower, cabbage and wren. Large, colorful illustrations in Ehlert’s classic collage style make this perfect for reading to a large group or one on one at bedtime. Excellent for toddlers this book also works for older preschool children with the inclusion of a caterpillar/butterfly glossary at the back.

I immediately added this book to our reference collection for use next Spring at our Hungry Caterpillar program. Perfect as a read-aloud or transformed into a flannel!

#FlannelFriday 5 Ballerina Kitties

Enough with the apples (although I’m still working on the program plan)!  In honor of my little ballerina beginning dance classes again I am posting a Ballerina Kitty flannel she and I made together.

I found these adorable Hello Kitty images through a Google search which served as my templates.

5 Little Ballerinas

5 little ballerinas dancing across the floor,
One twirled away and then there were 4.
4 little ballerinas stretched tall like a tree,
One leaped away and then there were 3.
3 little ballerinas dressed in tutus of bright blue,
One danced away and then there were 2.
2 little ballerinas having lots of fun,
One twirled away and then there was 1.
1 little ballerina dancing all alone,
She danced away and then there were none.

I embellished the tutus with fancy stickers and fabric paint. The rhyme was something I threw together quickly and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Pro tip: To keep your fabric paint from looking gloopy or snagging on the felt as you apply, cut the tip of the paint stem lower to provide you with a flatter surface to work with. Cut too much off and you’ll have a mess. You can always trim away what snags.

This flannel was made with my little ballerina in mind. Here she is in her costume from her June recital.

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