entertaining storytimes with spirit!

About Moxie Librarian

I am a Youth Services Librarian and Manager for a large Midwestern library system. Early literacy is my passion and I love sharing stories with children and their families. This blog is a place for me to celebrate my creative spirit and hopefully gather ideas from others. Inspiration seems to get lost in the day to day and I hope this outlet with help keep it alive.

Comments on: "About Moxie Librarian" (3)

  1. Janet Packer said:

    This is one of my favourite books of this year too! (I’m in the UK, hence the funny spelling). Can you tell be where you got the sneaker template from? If it’s your own, would you consider uploading it? I just have to do this, I’ve bought the book & the toy – now I just need the flannel!

    • Glad you liked the shoes! I’ll have to search around my office for the template. It might have been one I drew freehand. If I come across it I’ll post!

  2. Hi Moxie Librarian,

    I would love to have the patterns for the snowmen and the penquins. Is there any chance you could give them out? I work in an in-home day care and I would love to do them with the children.

    Patty in Illinois

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