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#FlannelFriday That Apple is Mine!

Apple mania continues! This week is a two-fer as I find more ideas to create into flannel stories for my September Apple program.

First up is That Apple is Mine retold by Katya Arnold.

This Russian folktale finds a group of animals fighting over rights to the last apple of the season. The issue is resolved when Bear suggests they share the apple. I had heard this story and actually told it several times using puppets but had never seen a print version. A shout out to my twitter friends who helped me locate the actual title.

Once the new friends eat their share along comes a worm and says… “Hey! That apple was mine!”

Second is a variation on the B-I-N-G-O song, similar to the K-I-T-T-Y flannel I posted a few weeks ago. This new one of course is A-P-P-L-E.

(sung to the tune of BINGO, remove the first letter of the word
and clap in its place, repeat until no letters remain)
I know a fruit that grows on trees,
An apple is its name, oh!
An apple is its name, oh!

Yesterday I ordered 12 Melissa & Doug apples for the program so the kids could try to stack the apples up on top. I have so many activity ideas it is getting difficult to narrow it down!

#FlannelFriday Way Up High in the Apple Tree

I am deep into the planning stages for an Apple themed program for next month. In preparation I created a flannel apple tree attached to a craft stick to accompany the rhyme Way Up High in the Apple Tree. I also made two very happy little apples to smile down at me! The tree is attached to a piece of poster board to provide support and outlined with fabric paint. On the back I attached a copy of the rhyme just incase someone else uses the flannel or I have a major mental block.

Way Up High in the Apple Tree
Way up high in the apple tree
Two little apples smiled at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples
Mmmmmm… good!

With the flannel attached to the stick I can easily shake the stick to make the apples fall to the floor. This is also a fun one to bring up a child to give the tree a shake. There will surely be more apple posts over the next few weeks. Next on my radar is creating a flannel for the Russian folktale That Apple is Mine retold by  Katya Arnold.

Building Letter Knowledge: Apple Tree Letter Match

The family reading corner at our branch continues to evolve. A few months ago we added a large flannel board. We have provided a variety of loose felt shapes and letters for the children to use. Going into the Fall/Back to School season I wanted to try something different.

Inspired by Miss Kindergarten’s File Folder Alphabet Matching Activity I created a large felt tree with 26 attached apples marked with uppercase letters. The tree and a sign defining Letter Knowledge with instructions for the activity are stapled to the board.

26 apple shapes with the lowercase letters are housed in a basket underneath the board for the children to match onto the tree. I am thrilled with how this turned out and am already thinking about additional activities to put up on the board.

Now onto the giant bulletin board…