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Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five

Everything I Need to Know Before I'm Five by Valorie Fisher

Concept books excite me especially when they are quality concept books. Valorie Fisher’s offering is exactly what parent’s should be looking for when introducing or refreshing concepts with their children. Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five¬†dedicates a few pages to each of the following concepts – numbers, opposites, shapes, colors including mixing, season/weather and the alphabet. Fisher does not overwhelm the reader with information. She simply provides a taste of each concept for further exploration.

The illustrations are colorful, graphic and interesting. Many pages lend themselves to impromptu games of I Spy. The retro feel of the toys photographed within the pages is appealing and lends a sense of comfort.

Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five ¬†is a shining example of how to teach concepts!