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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party!

To celebrate the November 15th release of the 6th book in the Wimpy Kid series, Cabin Fever, I held a party to celebrate all things Wimpy kid! Whether is was the surprisingly good weather, college football Saturday, or laziness, this was my lowest attended Wimpy Kid program. Typically I have 30+ in attendance but the 5 who showed were so much fun. This smaller group caused me to alter my game but I think the program was all the richer for the change.


We sat in a circle and shared talked about who had read which books and what were the favorites. 3 out of 5 had read all 5 books and were anxious for the newest. Then we dove into some trivia. The trivia was tough and it was so much fun being on the presenter side to see the light bulbs flash on when the answers reminded the kids of parts of the story long forgotten.

After the trivia I split the kids into 2 groups – 3 versus 3 (I was thrilled I got to be a part of one of the groups). In the middle of the room I placed a large basket full of wadded up paper. We talked about the premise of Cabin Fever being that Greg is trapped in the house due to a snowstorm and that we were going to have our own snowball fight. On the count of 3 we all rushed the basket and started winging paper snowballs at each other. *cue giggles* This went on for several minutes but could have lasted for 30!

I called the group back but asked them to bring back 3 snowballs each to open. Inside were written writing prompts, a word or phrase describing a person, place, or action. We took turns reading them aloud and giggling at the silly combinations.

Activity stations included:

Rock Band on PlayStation 2 to represent Loded Diper
Crossword Puzzle and Coloring Pages from enlarged images from my Google Image search
Learn to Draw Greg and independent writing with the prompts from snowball fight
Fregley’s Jelly Bean Jar Guess
Dog Days Pin-the-Ice-Cream


Each kid left with either a button with Greg or the Loded Diper logo (I’m a huge fan of our branch button maker – GREAT investment), a Cabin Fever poster thanks to my friend in our Collection Development Department, and a treat bag with mini snickers bars with the bag topper printed from Cap Creations.

Activities or ideas I am saving for next time… Wimpy Kid Uno, Cheese Touch Game, cheese path to the meeting room, Talk Like Fregley game (which fun with a large group), and more!

Leave your best jelly bean guess in the comments!