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Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App!

I am a huge fan of apps that feature book characters. So imagine my excitement when I read in Family Fun, Mo Willems had released an app featuring Pigeon! I stopped reading immediately, did not collect $200 and went searching in the app store. $6.99 later I was the proud owner of said app – for research and child entertainment purposes only of course 😉

The app features a choose-your-own-adventure style of story creation and a draw the pigeon game. There are a ton of options in regards to creating stories, including the option for the child to record themselves answering questions about the stinkiest thing and a type of food. Always the child can record their name to be attached to the byline. The app allows for 6 stories to be saved to listen to later.

Drawing the pigeon has a tutorial by Mo and the option to free draw. I now have various pigeonesque drawing in my photo album. It’s kinda hard to follow along with the tutorial on the small screen of an iPhone. It would be much more fun on an iPad but it hasn’t stopped lil’ A!

Overall the app is great and definitely kid approved. My suggestion would be to wait until the price comes down. I had hoped there would be more games like on the PigeonPresents website especially considering the $6.99 price tag, which is the most I have ever spent on an app (even Elmo’s Monster Maker wasn’t that much!). Fingers crossed that future updates will bring more fun!